Some Tips of Choosing the Giant Camping Chair

giant-camping-chairFor the big folks who are still little at heart, there’s nothing quite as fun as a giant camping chair.

With a giant camping chair even the tallest of campers can swing his or her feet high off the ground!

Camping in and of itself is meant to be a fun experience for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to the enjoyment with fun camping supplies and accessories.

Giant camping chairs are also great for the big and tall people of the world.

Giant camping chairs make every trip more fun than the last.

Giant camping chairs are also great for the big and tall people of the world, offering up to 400 pounds of support and standing an average of three feet off the ground.

No longer do men and women with an inseam over 35 inches have to settle with crouching in a standard chair!

General Information About Giant Camping Chairs

How big does “giant” really mean?

If you’re above average height or size, many products labeled “huge” or “giant” are barely built to the correct dimensions for use – this isn’t the case with giant camping chairs. The average giant folding chair is around 65 inches high, with more than three feet of space between the armrests, lifted more than 30 inches off the ground.

In these chairs, almost anyone can swing their feet back and forth. Customer reviews happily document the fact that the scale of the average giant chair makes it impossible for one’s feet to touch the ground, even if that from the buyer is six and a half feet tall!

How many people fit in a giant camping chair?

As many as you can without anyone falling off! The average weight limit on this massive addition to your camping repertoire is 400 pounds, while a distance of 40 inches or more between armrests makes it easy for a happy couple or even a handful of children to squeeze into the chair.

While staying within the weight limit is recommended, more important is the method with which campers sit down and climb out of the seat. Make sure not to fall backward into the chair, as this could place unnecessary strain on the hinges and clips, lowering the lifespan of the chair.

Why would I want a giant camping chair?

A better question is why wouldn’t you want one? While these chairs can be considered fun novelty items or assumed to be custom designed for veritable giants, they offer a great deal of comfort to average-sized men and women everywhere on top of being a brilliant conversation piece.

The sheer scale of a giant camping chair means there’s no lack of head and neck support, the durable construction promises it can hold pretty much anyone in your party for hours on end, and the height keeps it high off the ground – it’s essentially a portable, collapsible, semi-upright hammock. Who wouldn’t love that?

Only The Best Giant Camping Chairs

Huge Super Daddy Jumbo Folding Giant Camp Chairhuge-super-daddy-jumbo-folding-giant-camp-chair

This daddy of all camping chairs has everything: novelty, durability and portability in one massive package. The folded size of this chair comes out to almost six feet, but with steel tubing and nylon materials it weighs about 20 pounds – lighter than a full cooler.

The Huge Super Daddy offers ultra strong construction, with a 22-millimeter steel frame and 600 denier polyester seating with a water-resistant PVC coating to help keep things clean. Altogether, this chair can hold up to 400 pounds!

The Huge Super Daddy offers ultra strong construction, with a 22 millimeter steel frame and 600 denier polyester seating.

Set up, the Huge Super Daddy is 67 inches tall, the cushioned seat suspended 34 inches off the ground. Armrests are 44 inches apart, while the width and depth of the seating itself are around 30 inches on either axis.

The extra padding in the quality fabric backing makes this one of the most comfortable camping chairs on the market regardless of size. Each armrest includes a single cupholder, although reaching them when sitting back in the chair maybe a bit of an adventure.

VM International Titanic Giant Folding ChairVM International Titanic Giant Folding Chair

According to VM International, the Titanic Folding Chair can make you look like a king sitting on his throne. While that may be a matter of opinion, it can offer a super comfortable lounging experience for campers of all shapes and sizes.

Standing over five feet tall when set up, the Titanic is made of high-quality steel tubing, painted black to match the chair’s aesthetic appeal, with seating made from sturdy polyester in sea green or, where available, sleek black.

The Titanic Folding Chair can make you look like a king sitting on his throne.

The best thing about the Titanic Folding Chair, aside from the fact that with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 400 pounds it’s large enough to hold Dad and all the little ones at once, is the comfortable design.

Unlike some other giant chairs, the Titanic has six cupholders, three in each arm. This means that no matter how big or small the camper, there wouldn’t be any problem finding a place to put your drink – or pulling it back out afterward.

Creative Outdoor Distributors Kingpin Giant Folding ChairCreative Outdoor Distributors Kingpin Giant Folding Chair

Most camping chairs are built to last, but the Kingpin Folding Chair was designed for durability – maybe that’s why it’s heavier than other giant folding chairs. At 27 pounds it may seem like a heavy load to bear on your next camping trip, but this chair is 100% worth it.

The Kingpin may be heavier than its off-brand cousins, but this is because of the heavy-duty steel tubing measures in at 25mm instead of the standard 22mm, adding a huge measure of strength to the entire frame.

On top of the metal selection, this chair features seating and backing of heavyweight 600 denier canvas with PVC coating.

On top of the metal selection, this chair features seating and backing of heavyweight 600 denier canvas with PVC coating, reinforced legs and anti-ski footpads. No matter where you put it, this giant chair will hold you in comfort and safety.

The armrests – more than 40 inches apart – each feature 3 standard cupholders, along with a removable cooler bag to keep your drinks chilled out even on the hottest summer days. This is a chair that’s well worth the weight.

In Summary: Giant Camping Chair

Whether you’re big and tall and looking for comfort or just seeking a fun novelty item for your next trip, giant camping chairs are a guaranteed win.

Add some fun to your next family trip or make your patio furniture fit for a king with a giant camping chair.

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