Best Ultralight Camp Chair Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

ultralight-camp-chairThere are many camp chairs on the market that claim to be light – but there’s light and then there’s ultralight.

If you have lots of things to carry, then you are going to appreciate anything that makes your burden easier – like these ultralight camp chairs.

If you like to travel light you are going to love this selection of ultralight camp chairs.

Now there is absolutely no reason why you should compromise on comfort just because you are camping or sat outdoors anywhere.

You will find that these chairs don’t have some of the accessories of other camp chairs, such as armrests, cup holders and storage pouches but the weight has to be trimmed from somewhere – and what they lose in ‘extras’ they certainly make up for in comfort.

General Information About Ultralight Camp Chairs

Is there any way of stopping an ultralight camp chair from sinking in the sand?

Ultralight camp chairs are the perfect addition to any trip to the beach but their little pointy feet does make them susceptible to sinking in sand or any other soft ground. Rather than giving up your ultralight camp chair on these expeditions, there is a solution.

In order to prevent the feet on these camp chairs from sinking, simply make a hole in four tennis balls to slip over the feet. This will give them a larger surface area that will keep them in place. If you don’t have any tennis balls, the same principle will work if you slip some card under the feet.

What is the purpose of the shock-cords or bungees that are in these chairs?

To make these ultralight camp chairs as portable as possible, the manufacturers need to make them as compact as well. This means that the frame of the camp chair is composed of a number of metal poles, which could be a nightmare to put together with the shock-cords.

Having the shock-cords running through the poles means that you will always know which pole attaches to which. This makes putting your ultralight camp chair together something that will take just a couple of minutes. They simply pull and snap into place and then you slip the fabric seat onto them.

I need a camp chair that will fit in my motorcycle panniers – will these fit?

Yes they will, and if you have a pillion passenger, then you will also be able to fit in an ultralight camp chair for them, too. The whole idea behind ultralight camp chairs is that they are totally portable no matter what your mode of transport is, so they are designed to be compact as well as lightweight.

In fact, they are so small and light when they have been folded and put away that even a small child would be able to carry one – which is great news when you need a hand toting everything, but not so great when the child reckons because he carried it, he gets to use it! Oh well, time to buy another.

Only The Best Ultralight Camp Chairs

G4Free Portable Ultralight ChairG4Free Portable Ultralight Chair

This ultralight camp chair from G4Free weighs just 2lbs and yet is strong enough to carry a 200lb load. It is available in four distinctive colors – red, orange, blue and dark blue, and anyone of those will provide you with a comfortable seat.

Setting up this ultralight camping chair couldn’t be easier – shock-cord runs through everything so it just isn’t possible to get it wrong. And that also means that when you put it away, you are not going to lose any of the parts, either.

Constructed from an aluminum frame, 600 denier Oxford cloth and mesh, this ultralight camp chair offers durability as standard. The frame won’t flex (although it will twist to absorb any flexing) and the pole pockets are thick and sturdy.

This camp chair will dry quickly if it gets caught in the rain, and the back of the chair has been designed to keep the sitter’s back cool. Once this ultralight camp chair has been packed away, it can be stored in the included bag that features carry handles for convenience.

Helinox Chair One Camp ChairHelinox Chair One Camp Chair

This Helinox Chair ultralight camp chair weighs in at just 2lbs and has a maximum weight capacity of 320lbs so it might be a lightweight but it isn’t short on strength where it counts. Available in seven colors: black, apple green, blue tiger camo, green, red, camo and coyote tan, this chair looks the part.

The seat on this ultralight camp chair sits 13.5 inches from the ground, and the depth of the seat is also 13.5 inches. This height makes it easy for the majority of people to get in and out of without any struggle.

This ultralight camp chair has a robust construction and is easy to put together and to take apart. It comes complete with its own handy carry case, which makes portability and storage convenient.

Once this Helinox Chair ultralight camp chair has been taken apart and put into the carry bag, its measurements are just 14 inches x 4 inches x 5 inches, which makes it perfect for stowing in the trunk of your car ready for some amazing days out.

Alite Designs Mantis ChairAlite Designs Mantis Chair

The Mantis ultralight camp chair is the lightest of all the camp chairs that we have been looking at here. At just 1.8lbs, this chair is completely portable but refuses to compromise on stylish good looks or comfort that will be perfect wherever you take it.

The strong and durable body of this ultralight camp chair will cradle your body so you will want to stay there for hours – particularly as the back of the chair has been designed to be higher for additional comfort. Many users have reported that they now prefer sitting in the yard rather than their living rooms!

Even though this body-hugging, sling-type camp chair is such a lightweight, it has a maximum weight load of 250lbs, and it comes with an included carry pouch for convenience.

The unfolded measurements of this ultralight camp chair are 29 inches x 21.5 inches x 22 inches, and when it is folded it measures 13 inches x 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches.

In Summary: Ultralight Camp Chair

If you are unhappy about sitting on the ground but don’t want the inconvenience of lugging a heavy chair around, then an ultralight camp chair comes recommended.

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