Best Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

best Aluminum Folding Lawn ChairsUnless you enjoy sitting on the ground, you need a chair that is comfortable and yet easy to tote when it comes to outdoor activities.

Choosing a chair with an aluminum frame takes care of the lightweight carrying, but it also needs to fold for convenience.

For many of us, the second the sun shows its face it is time to get out the lawn chairs and enjoy sitting out and catching some rays.

For others, a chair that can be used outdoors is necessary all year through because it is needed for Little League games and other activities.

The perfect lawn chair doesn’t just have to look good, it needs to be comfortable and easy to store and carry.

Some folding lawn chairs also have other features, such as storage pockets and cup holders.

General Information About Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs

Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs

Why do manufacturers say what the distance is from the ground to the seat?

Having an aluminum folding lawn chair gives us more freedom to enjoy outdoor activities without having to give up on comfort – and that is the whole point behind manufacturers providing the distance between the ground and the seat of the chair.

If a chair is too close to the ground it can make getting into it and getting out of it hard to do – and not only is it uncomfortable, it can also make the whole procedure more than a little undignified – not something that we want to be when we are in company. Too high a seat, on the other hand, can lead to swinging feet and pins and needles.

If a lawn chair is light; how will it cope with the wind?

The lighter the lawn chair, the more easily it will blow over in the wind if no-one is sitting in it. This is common sense and an inescapable fact, and something that each buyer will have to decide upon – easy transportation versus having to make sure that they don’t take off if the wind gets up.

There are positives, however, to having a folding lawn chair that is lightweight; it means that you won’t be overburdened when you carry it from your car to the beach – especially if it has carrying handles or a carry bag, and it won’t weigh your car down when it’s packed to the gills anyway.

Are aluminum folding lawn chairs good to take camping?

You can use them at your camping table at meal times, or for those moments when you just want to sit awhile and enjoy the peace of the great outdoors.

Even if you are the kind of camper that like to take as many home comforts with you as possible, there does come a cut-off point as to how much you can pack so it makes sense that the things that you do take are lightweight and take up as little space as possible.

This makes aluminum folding lawn chairs an excellent choice for camping. You can use them at your camping table at meal times, or for those moments when you just want to sit awhile and enjoy the peace of the great outdoors. Choose a chair with a cup holder and you even have somewhere for that beer!

Only The Best Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs

1. Blue and White Deluxe ChairBlue and White Deluxe Chair

This chair from Lawn Chair USA boasts an aluminum frame that folds easily and is lightweight enough at just over 4lbs to take anywhere. This makes it perfect for throwing into the trunk of your car so it is ready for some great days out.

The jazzy blue and white design on this web weave lawn chair will certainly get you noticed wherever you take it, but it is also the perfect solution to enjoying the sun in your own back yard.

Although this isn’t the cheapest lawn chair on the market, users have reported that it is worth the extra bucks because of the comfort it offers. And you can be confident that it will retain its good looks with its rust proof frame and vibrant colors.

This deluxe chair has a weight load of 200lbs and its vital statistics are as follows: the back is 21 inches; the seat width is 18.5 inches; the seat length is 16.5 inches; the height of the seat from the ground is 15.5 inches, and the total height of the chair when folded is 32 inches.

2. Faulkner Aluminium Director ChairFaulkner Aluminium Director Chair

This folding lawn chair from Faulkner features a 1-1/8 inch aluminium frame with a cross bar to give added stability and comfort no matter where you use it. A perfect addition for the RV or boat, this chair will also look good at a game or in your yard.

Toting this lawn chair is easy, thanks to its attached carry handles and its lightweight structure of only 8lbs – but once you have it set up you are not going to want to move out of it. It boasts padded armrests and a comfortable seat for hours of relaxation.

An attached folding tray with a cup holder are the perfect places to keep your bits and pieces and a cool drink close to hand, and the pocket pouch ensures that your book or e-reader, cell phone and torch are there when you want them.

The Faulkner Director Chair is constructed from 600 denier PVC polyester that is UV resistant so it won’t fade, and has a weight capacity of 250lbs. Its open dimensions are: 17.75 inches x 23.5 inches x 33.5 inches (D x W x H).

3. Super Lightweight Aluminum Reinforced Lawn ChairSuper Lightweight Aluminum Reinforced Lawn Chair

If you are looking for a folding lawn chair that offers superlative comfort as well as the ability to remain looking good and staying functional for years to come, then it is time to take a look at this one from World Outdoor Products.

Weighing in at just 7lbs thanks to the super lightweight anodized aluminum frame, this folding lawn chair will look good on your patio and will also be the perfect chair for pre-game tailgating parties.

The 600 denier polyester fabric of the seat is both washable and mildew resistant so it doesn’t matter if you get sun lotion on it, the kids spill ice cream – or if you leave it in the rain, it will retain its appearance regardless of how chaotic life ever becomes.

This lightweight aluminum folding lawn chair boasts a side cup holder so you don’t have to place your cup on the ground where the ants will get it, and has its own carry bag with a shoulder strap for when it’s time to pack up.

In Summary: Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs

Aluminum folding lawn chairs are the perfect solution for all of your outdoor living and activities.

They are lightweight so carrying and transporting them isn’t an issue, and they are easy to store when the summer is over.

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